Allu Arjun To Be Sing a Song For ‘Sarainodu’

WHOA! Stylish Star Allu Arjun, that is rocking the theatres regarding his dancing stint all these years, is gearing nearly enthrall us regarding his singing talent. All on account of Thaman, who may have got that super strength of genuine stars, for a singing début. The music director revealed within the exclusive chitchat that, Bunny will going to be crooning for a song inside Sarrainodu and they have already completed recording a good EDM trail. Though he gave a new rap in among the songs inside Vedam, this may mark their first previously kick-off. Precisely what more?  Think about Allu Arjun’s power meeting Thaman’s size beats. Here’s a picture associated with Thaman in addition to Bunny, made itself known yet post the particular recording inside Chennai, recently.


“I’m super happy and so is Bunny. It is always a challenge to score tunes for kick-ass dancers like him and when a hero is involved in it, my work automatically gets better. Since I’m a programmer first, I can easily sense what a hero requires.”, Thaman explained his experience working with Allu Arjun on the special song.

Unsurprisingly, the track has appear really effectively and Thaman is quite charged about the output. Actually, several stories informed that will Allu Arjun will be making his singing debut soon in the film, when he first revealed his talent at the time of his marriage, by singing a song for his wife Sneha Reddy. Nevertheless, nothing so materialized after. Looks just like the actor possesses finally relented for the request on the team associated with Sarrainodu. In case everything will go well, the film will have its audio tracks launch in the month associated with March, while they are aiming on an April release.



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