Rajini Robo 2.0 Budget Rs 350 cr

The upcoming quite anticipated movie “Robo 2.0” has turned into the discussion of film industry in view of its rich star throws and spending plan. As of late art directors have raised a huge set of Rs 20 Crores in Chennai in which producers will shot couple of essential scenes on Superstar Rajinikanth and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who is assuming the part of rival in this upcoming Sci-Fi flick.

The movie is coordinated by innovative and capable movie director Shankar and produced by Lyca Production. On-screen character Amy Jackson is assuming the female lead part. It is a costlier activity show and being made on the financial backing of Rs 350 Crores. They are not compromising with the quality of the movie and willing to spend more Rs 50 Crores relying upon the necessity. As of late Shankar uncovered that his upcoming directorial wander “Robo 2.0” will squash the record of Baahubali which has turned out most astounding grosser film of Tollywood.


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