Dil Raju’s Budget For Pawan Next Movie Is ?

Producer and Distributor Dil Raju who is aware of well where he must invest the money and he has ability to predict the outcome of the movie as he believes in the nice content oriented film and he hardly ever compromised with the product quality. He is also diehard fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan and from very long time he wants to synergy with Pawan. Earlier several times, he tried to join hands with Pawan but things did not materialize. But he has got distributed his several films in Nizam and earned huge profit.

According to the sources, Pawan asked Dil Raju to come up with impressive script also. Now Dil Raju is getting ready to produce a movie for him and the upcoming saga will be made on the budget of Rs 50 Crores. For a superstar hero, the finances is fine, if the movie can be blockbuster they can earn huge income but if medium range afterward producers will not can be found in losses.

Currently Dil Raju is making upcoming horror thriller movie “Rudraksha” starring Samatha and Ramya Krishna under the path of Krishna Vamshi.


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