Two Mega Heros In One Banner

Actor Varun Tej and also Sai Dharam Tej usually are busy throughout signing the upcoming projects and based on the sources, their upcoming movies shall be produced beneath the same banner of producer Nallamalupu Bujji and also Tagore Madhu although movies and also directors will be different, the common things between these two mega actors are that they have teamed in place with exact same producer because of their different upcoming movies.

It doesn’t a multistarrer film and produced beneath the banner of Leo Productions. Mega actor Varun Tej will act for upcoming untitled movie beneath the direction of Srinu Vaitla which will be produced by Bujjii and also Madhu, on the other hand, Sai Dharam Tej has joined side with director Gopichand Malineni for upcoming film “Gang Leader” which will go on to the floor next month and produced beneath the same banner.

Earlier Varun Tej’s retail flop film “Mukunda” has been produced beneath the same banner Leo Productions but now we have to wait and watch that Leo Production will bring success for Varun or not.


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