Bunny Copies Mahesh Fight Scene ?

Stylish star Allu Arjun starrer approaching movie “Sarrainodu” aimed by Boyapati Srinu can be creating great deal of buzz in addition to attracting the audiences for quite some time. Yesterday makers released the teaser on the movie through which Allu Arjun seemed in muscle size avatar seeing that twirled mustache in addition to half tank top, and walked in a menacing fashion to airlift a baddie.

He then delivered a dialogue “Erratholu kadhaa Style gaa vuntadanukuntunnavemo.. maaaaassss, vooorrra maassss”. After seeing the teaser couple of netigens at the moment are comparing Allu Arjun to Superstar Mahesh Babu’s just lately released flick “Srimanthudu”.

In line with them, Allu Arjun copied the behave of Mahesh inside released teaser, Just about Allu Arjun comes a baddie together with one hands and used him out, in flick ‘Srimanthudu’, Mahesh Babu put the baddie together with two hands in the same manner and used him out of his way. The merely difference concerning them, Mahesh Babu used two hands for airlifting the buddie although Bunny used one hands. It looks, Bunny can be targeting Mahesh in addition to eyeing to help break the record involving Srimanthudu.


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