Puri Is Back and Next Project With NTR and Mahesh Babu

When you have thought the project from the combination connected with Mahesh Babu in addition to Puri Jagannadh, that has been announced a while back is shelved, you might be wrong. The film can be quite much focused and the crazy story has been readied from the director, while he’s also gearing around direct NTR, yet again.

In this recent past, there were lots of reports from the media regarding Puri Jagannadh’s vocation, which is allegedly at stake. They opined the director is risking his bright future in the profession, with his range of films in addition to misleading friendship. Apparently, the speech gained durability after this individual suddenly lost several big initiatives back-to-back.

To people, who may have no hint what Puri was around of delayed, the director had sacked his entire group, since this individual felt they have become tired. While that itself had been a surprising news ahead from this director’s compound, there had been this one more information which in turn revealed that, he is finished his longtime friendship with Charmi in addition to Ram Gopal Varma, for many unknown reasons.

And so, did this repair happen because Puri as well has considered what this reports offers suggested?  Will be the change within the working style triggered fetching back again the director some ridiculous offers? The answer we are hearing from industry circles is a ‘could be’. Long lasting reasons may very well be, it is exciting to see about Puri Jagannadh’s future fall into line of shows. Before he proceed to helm Mahesh and also NTR’s shows, a picture with Kalyan Ram is also on cards as well as the director’s next outing is Rogue, having a new comer.


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