Dil Raju Issue With Ravi Teja and Film With Pawan

Dil Raju, who is known regarding his frankness, can be equally well-known for the practicality, on the subject of business. Though he is pretty passionate regarding the process associated with film producing, he makes certain his initiatives are in the economy safe efforts to him, as well as the distributors.

Obviously, the producer showed about the alleged spat using Ravi Teja in the remuneration issue and possesses confessed that they have shelved the particular film given that they couldn’t exercise the picture economically. Nevertheless, he managed to get clear so it happened over a healthy notice and there’s no such matter like ‘spat’ among them, since it was publicized inside media.

He revealed that Ravi Teja features called him and said which the project is often a hit stuff, no make any difference who dominate it. Raju additionally affirmed that, they would soon form teams together regarding another picture, after clearly exercising the economics.


On the other side, The producer  who is ready for this Friday’s release, Krishnastami starring Sunil, has revealed several interesting revisions about his upcoming assignments, which also incorporates a film together with Pawan Kalyan. He stressed that it’s his life ambition to produce a film together with Pawan, and would certainly only tactic him with a story, which he could be sure of scoring the blockbuster. Dil Raju added that, since they have already obtained a green a signal from Pawan for a film, a great story is the required steps for the particular project to take a floors.



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