Cheating Case On Director Rajamouli

Local criminal court in Hyderabad issued summons on Thursday to famous Tollywood Director Rajamouli of Bahubali picture notoriety, in a charged duping case to show up under the steady gaze of court on February 24.

Banjara Hills Inspector Murali Krishna affirmed that police went to Rajamouli’s residence in Manikonda and served the court summons.

It was Tollywood Producer Bhuvaneshwar, who moved to court in 2012 asserting that Rajamouli consented to offer his flat at Lotus Pond, Banjara Hills and took a development of Rs 2 lakh subsequent to entering an assention for a concurred measure of Rs 41 lakh as the aggregate expense in the year 2011.

In any case, Rajamouli after a few months issued a notification educating Bhuvaneshwar that the entered assention is wiped out and the measure of Rs 2 lakh is relinquished.

In 2012 I gave an answer to Rajamouli illuminating that it is only swindling however he didn’t inturn answer. Later I came to realize that the same flat, which he consented to offer me was sold to another person for Rs 47 lakhs,” Bhuvaneshwar told TOI.

The Nampally criminal court in view of a private request moved by Bhuvaneshwar, issued summons to Rajamouli to show up on February 21. The charges are 420 (bamboozling) and 417 (Punishment for deceiving) of IPC.


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