Mega Star Chiranjeevi Arrested IN Rajamundry Airport

Today, Megastar Chiranjeevi began to Kirlampudi, East Godavari center, to visit Kapu crusader Mudragada Padmanabham, who is fasting unto death challenging for Kapu Reservation. Being any Congress leader plus a famous personality through the same area, Chiranjeevi wanted to extend his support to the mission.

However, the acting professional turned politician, as well as a few additional political commanders were arrested for the Rajamundry airport, before many people met the actual Kapu leader. Chiranjeevi’s assistance to the problem is expected to get the intensity from the protests. In the meantime, Congress workers are protesting resistant to the arrest, alleging it is unjust to adopt leaders in the custody, that has come to give their assistance.

Chiranjeevi, who received a neck surgery a week ago, was in truth advised to look at at least two days rest. Yet, the actor has thought i would come out simply the serious protests simply by Kapu management, which are putting the actual political scenario of the state, ablaze. Alternatively, mega fans come to mind about the actual actor’s well being, while there’re condemning the actual arrest, also. Megastar Chiranjeevi received undergone a new shoulder surgery in a private hospital in Mumbai about Thursday and it is said as a very modest surgery. “Over the previous couple of months, he’s been being affected by some discomfort in his shoulder. He’s got finally thought i would get it operated since he starts off shooting pertaining to his subsequent film by March, and doesn’t need the discomfort to aggravate, ” the source informed.


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